November 03, 2005

Scattered Thoughts

I think your supposed to learn early on in college that school takes up the majority of your time. I guess I'm a bit slow, I am learning it in my senior year. Over the past couple weeks I have delt with an unbelievable number of assignments, taking my time to do anything for work or fun to a whopping zero. I have four assignments due Monday, and thats for one class. I have 7 total due at the end of the weekend.

This weekend is also Plan 4 or Pl4n as it has come to be known as. So if your in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area please stop by and play some video games. I have no computer functional to play the games of today but I will be there faithfully taking participants money and handing out the prizes.

So, for the first time since I started going to college, school has started to affect my sleep patterns. I am staying up later to get stuff done, or to try and wind down my brain after a long homework period. What a waste.

Due to my friends overwellming arguments that I am the lamest geek for not knowing anything about science fiction I spent a couple evenings reading Ender's Game. It was a pretty good read and a nice break since I have not read anything of fiction in a long time. I especially enjoyed the parts about the children using the 'nets' to write anonymous weekly columns about whatever they wanted, I'm glad that is finally a reality. However, last night Kristen informed me their are 7 or so other books that come as sequals to this book, oh dear...thats a lot of reading, are they any good? btw...Happy Birthday Kristen!

I get to sign up for my last semester of classes on Monday, anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone taken a public speeking class before? I would imagine the class is no fun, but are they helpful? Easy?

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October 31, 2005

Wait...Halloween is on Monday?

Despite my initial thoughts this weekend turned out to have a few good things occure. First WMU won both hockey games versus the nationally 4th ranked buckeyes. Not bad for a squad that was yet to win a game. Second my costume was a big hit at all the parties and bars this weekend. Upon popular demand, I present, with a large warning for those of you who can see, a picture of me in my Halloween costume. As you might recall I dressed up as a Tooth Fairy who had hit hard times because of his job being outsourced.

Finally I wrote more this weekend than ever before, however I doubt very little of it I can use for my paper. I am having a hard time finding any angle that is worth writing 20pages on given the subject of "Globalization and me" & "Globalization and the WMU CS Department."

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October 28, 2005

The Weekend

Homecomming / Halloween weekend has started out here in Kalamazoo. Tonight the Broncos are facing off against the Buckeyes in men's hockey, *sigh* if only WMU had a chance.

My costume this year is The tooth fairy that has hit hard times because he lost his job due to outsourcing. Hopefully pictures will never surface. If you have something going on this weekend im me, AIM: joegasiorek

Started digging through the Asterisk codebase while my friend Chris was giving his presenation last night. One of the features he really enjoys is the ability to drop call files into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing and have it perform the operations listed in that file "instantly". Well currenlty this is done with the old "for (;;) { sleep(1); stat ..." hack. Sounds like a good (although possibly overkill) place to use of inotify if you ask me.

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October 26, 2005

Curvature of the world

I have finally finished reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. However, as my AIM away message of the past few weeks has said, now that I am done reading this 500 page book, I have to write a 20 page paper on it for class. *sigh*

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October 22, 2005


I have several unfinished blog entries that range from simple and helpful to rude and disgraceful sitting on my laptop hard drive right now but I thought it important to break my silence. For the past 18 or so hours I have either been reading about Asterisk, eating or sleeping. I should have been reading why the world is flat so I can write a 20 page book report on it for class but Asterisk seemed more interesting.

I already knew some about Asterisk since I had set it up to work with my iaxy and written an app that can run on the computers in my apartment to pop up a notification when someone calls.


As with most of my projects I try to use a bunch of new technologies so I can learn a bit. This one uses: C#, AGI, C, libnotify, & GIOChannel.

Since i had some Asterisk experience I flew through the book quickly, its is a great read for anyone interesting in starting to use Asterisk. There is a fair amount of appendicies at the end so I imagine it will serve as good reference material.

I am collecting a list of ways people think it would be useful to tie Hula and Asterisk. Ideas that have been already submitted are as follows:

  • Receive voicemail as attachment in email inbox

  • Reminders before a meeting/event on your calendar

  • Be able to call your calendar and have it read today's itinerary

  • Setup a conference room and call people into a group meeting that has been scheduled with Hula.

For other ideas, please either email me or comment below.

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