Why is it Difficult to Learn Lyrics Without Melody?

 If you are a music lover, the question why is it difficult to learn lyrics without melody is quite important. In this article, I will give some examples and tips for learning lyrics by composing your own songs.


Before, melodies are also thought of as lyrics. The process of composing songs is based on melody. However, composing songs from scratch has many different things to consider. It’s not easy to think of a melody that goes well with the words when there are no words to go with it.

Start by writing down everything about the lyrics. You may also need to gather materials such as lyrics books, music sheets, tablatures, chords, symbols and so on. Music sheets and tablatures are necessary to help you with the compositions. Alphabet or letter and number notations may also be useful. You can also learn by watching videos or by listening to recordings.

Once you are prepared, use the alphabet or letters in the notes of the piano or guitar to write down the lyrics. Use the chord symbols for the lyrics which correspond to the chords you can play on the piano or guitar.

After you have composed the lyrics, there is the melody. It is very important to compose an arrangement and to see how it flows. Sometimes, you may also need to come up with a chorus with the lyric, but for now, only lyrics are composed. The melody will come after the lyrics.

The most important note, you need to keep in mind in composing lyrics without melody is to be careful of the right things to do. It is possible that if you think of the right things to do, you may miss out a certain part of the lyrics that you should have included.

It is also important to take into consideration the emotions of the people who will be listening to the lyrics. It would be better if you compose the lyrics in a more polite tone, but in the end, the lyrics still need to have the message written on them.

There are many other tips you can use in writing lyrics, but it is important to understand the fact that in composing songs, lyrics and melody must go together. Without knowing what to write, you won’t be able to compose a masterpiece.