November 10, 2005

Amazon usage

This week I have been registering for classes and doing a lot of homework. Since some of my homework is done online and the portal that provides my school with the means to do online homework and class signup is pretty slow and annoying I have been browsing Amazon in other tabs.

After my last debacle with Amazon where I had 72 items in my shopping cart and actually needed to buy something, I have become much more adapt to using the wish list. I have tried to use the other Amazon features such as the ratings system to improve my store. However, I guess I need to rate more things because Amazon believes that because I gave this literary masterpiece a high rating I must want to purchase obviously inferior products of the same topic.

Pl4n is over and just in time as their is a growing rift in the Computer Club between those in favor of QWRETY and those using Dvorak. Despite doing all that I can, the two factions have divided the group evenly and have proposed meeting on different nights. The QWERTY group has started wearing these fashionable bracelets to make others aware of which side of the tracks they reside on. What the Dvorak group's next move is nobody knows, but rumors are circulating about ammonia, rabbit tails and RFID tags. Last night I met with leaders of both sides over a couple pints in hopes that an agreement could be reached. While their was admissions by both sides, only time will tell if the agreements will stand. There is a meeting tonight and I pray their won't be bloodshed.

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