November 13, 2005

Western/Central Weekend at the Library?

Yesterday was the WMU vs. CMU football game which is the closest thing to a rivelry at our school. More importantly, it is the weekend most closely associated with out of control riots, late night parties and reckless abandon for ones safety. I didn't go to the football game (which WMU won btw) but I did make it out to the emotional hockey game Saturday evening. Despite an inital 3-0 lead at the end of the 1st, WMU surrendered 5 unanswered goals and lost 5-3 to Ferris who sported a larger than normal fan section. I did escape for most of Saturday around town, having a good time because I could not yet stand to get back to working on homework.

One dilemma I faced this past weekend was that I finished all of the non-school related books I had and my latest Amazon order does not arrive until the 22nd. I finished Lennon Revealed late last week and finished off my copy of Blink Saturday morning when I discovered it underneath some stuff I hadn't touched since I moved in. I enjoyed Blink and found Lennon Revealed to be interesting but it wasn't exactly what I had expected. After pondering what I was expecting the book to focus on, I have realized that it was everything the book could be, it has just been a long time since I have read a biographical book.

I was faced with nothing to read when my mind is burned out because of school work, until a fellow Computer Club member Nik pointed out I should just go to the library. The library at my school from what I have gathered over my course of studies is not exactly the happening place to be. Reasons that I come to this conclusion include but are not limited to:

  • Library is open 10 less hours a week than the Student Recreation Center
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is frowned upon at the library
  • You have to be quiet at the library
  • I can count the number of times I've seen someone checking out a book on my fingers
  • There is always 2-3 times as many completely empty tables for study than their are used tables
  • The library requires you to wear pants inside
  • You can't listen to music while studying

However, it appears over the course of the past year the library has been trying to reinvent itself. They now offer an eating area with a coffee/smoothie stand and vending machines, televisions for study breaks, and advertise the latest book arrivals. I have rarely used the library for the reasons listed above and the fact that computer books are frequently out of date by the time the are printed. However, I did find a few of the books on my Amazon wish list in-stock at the library and went to hunt them down.

It took me what some would call a considerable amount of time to locate the selected books. While it was a great adventure for me, the young lady who was putting books back in their appropriate places seemed to rather enjoy my inexperienced library navigation. After acquiring the needed books and reading the prefaces, I decided on checking out Central Banking in Theory and Practice and Essay's on the Great Depression. Despite the assured claim from my parents that these books do not fall under the category of "Light Reading", anything that does not require me to answer trivial and meaningless questions or write an extensive book report currently falls under this category.

This week might be the roughest one of the semester yet, with Team[2] having to pretty much rewrite their term paper and the final midterms of the semester being passed out. *sigh*

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